My recordings

Eckhard Reuter

Hand in Hand with the Blues (Composer: Robben Ford)

Summernight (Composer: Thomas Fritze)

Göttin sei Dank (Composer: Udo Lindenberg)

Wildhouse Blues (Composer: Eckhard Reuter)

Message in a bottle (Composer: Sting)

Bold as love (Composer: Jimi Hendrix)

Cause we finally ended as lovers (Composer: Stevie Wonder - as played by Jeff Beck)

Startrek Enterprise (Composer: Alexander Courage)

Vienna is calling (Composer: Eckhard Reuter / Kirsten Nutto)

Children of Sanchez (Composer: Chuck Mangione)

Winter´s gone (Composer: Eckhard Reuter / Kirsten Nutto)

Slow dancing in a burning room (Composer: John Mayer)


Machine Gun (Composer: Jimi Hendrix)

The curse of latency

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